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A model for the discussion of courses of action for Switzerland with respect to climate change, greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

The problem of anthropogenic climate change caused by the increase of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, can only be solved on a global scale. Measures must start at the local level. This information system attempts to bridge this tension. It discusses the vision of a low-energy society (2000 Watt). On average, the current global per capita energy consumption corresponds already to a 2000 Watt society. However, energy consumption is not evenly distributed. Whereas a citizen in the United States has on average an energy consumption of 10,000 Watts, citizens in the developing countries have on average an energy consumption of 600 Watts. In Switzerland, the current per capita energy consumption of about 6000 Watts would be reduced to one third.

Hypotheses to be discussed:


Jan Burse
Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Technical Specification

You will need a browser capable of using Java since the model calculations are are written in Java.

Options Startpage (in German and French)

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