An interactive information system to evaluate the risks of climate change in alpine regions.

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What is Impacts?

Impacts is a current reference work on the prospective consequences of climate change. The main emphasis is put on the regional consequences for Switzerland. It shows the current status of the scientific research in this area, where the uncertainties of the forecasts are also considered. For each of the treated topics, scenarios are described: how will the situation change within the next decades. The information system is completed by background information and specification of the sources.

The model has been written particularly for people who are interested in the consequences of climate change but who do not necessarily have any scientific foreknowledge. The texts are formulated to be generally intelligable; they are supported by pictures and animations. However, due to the range and the completeness of the information, the model is of interest for students and scientists as well.

Which Topics are Considered?


Christoph Schlumpf
Claudia Pahl
Andreas Schönborn
Martin Büssenschütt
   with the cooperation of
Dieter Imboden, Carlo C. Jaeger, Jeannette Behringer, Gregor Dürrenberger and further members of the CLEAR project.

Impacts Startpage

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