ECO2 Calculator

A program to determine the private CO2 emmission and energy consumption

What does the ECO2 Calculator do?

Based on the individual life-style of the user, the model calculates his or her personal CO2 and energy balance. The necessary data are inquired in four different questionnaires covering the areas nutrition, living, mobility and consumption. Each input results immediately in a modification of the displayed values, so that the user can identify the effects of the individual aspects of his or her life-style easily.

The model has been written particularly for laymen who are interested in the consequences of climate change but who do not necessarily have any scientific foreknowledge. The questionnaires are formulated to be generally intelligable; the graphic output of the results is intuitively understandable. Beyond that the user can compare his or her personal balance with the average per capita consumption in other world regions.

Which areas are considered?

Version History

The first version of the Personal CO2-Calculator was written within the CLEAR project, following a questionnaire by Greenpeace Switzerland.


Christoph Schlumpf
Jeannette Behringer
Gregor Dürrenberger
Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Programming support:
Thomas Herzberger
Martin Büssenschütt
This version is still available on this site. Start here.

The new version ECO2-Calculator was finished in 2001 as a project of Novatlantis - sustainability in the ETH domain.


Gregor Dürrenberger
Christoph Hartmann
Technical concept and implementation:
Thomas Herzberger
Additional thanks to:
Romina Salerno
Georg Henseler
Rolf Frischknecht
Christoph Schlumpf
Jeannette Behringer

Technical Specification

You will need a browser capable of using Java since the model calculations are written in Java.


You can download an older version of the calculator as EXCEL file and work with it offline.

New version of the Personal CO2-Calculator by Novatlantis:
Start the old Calculator (in German only)

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